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Hi, I'm Mark!

I'm 35 years old and, just like you, a FIRE enthousiast. I have a girlfriend and two kids and work as a product owner for a major EU bank. You can view my public profile here*. In my spare time, I love web programming, data visualization and personal finance, and that’s what I brought together into FIREtracker :-) I first read about financial independence and early retirement (or FIRE) on Mr. Money Mustache in Q1 2015. I got intrigued by the possibility to save a high percentage of your take-home pay and live of the returns on your assets indefinitely.

I’ve always been frugal, never spend more then I had and never took any loans (except for buying a home). The years prior to 2015 we already saw our NW increase, without having a clear goal in mind. Reading MMM inspired us to crank it up a notch, be even more aware of what we spend money on, in order to increase our savings rate to over 50%. That would take us to FIRE in roughly 17 years, and we’re now at 35% of our journey.

I’ve built and used FIREtracker to visualize our own financial data, track our progress towards financial independence and stay the course. Now I hope it can help you too!

* I’d like to stay anonymous for now, as can you when you’re using FIREtracker - no need to reveal your real identity. The numbers on my profile page are real though!

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